Guest is King – throw your guests a party they will never forget

If you’re going to throw a party whether it’s a wedding, birthday or just for the fun of it, you want it to be a success. You want your guests to go home with lots of great memories, laughter ringing in their ears and sore cheeks from smiling so much.

A Wonderscene portable photographic studio adds that unforgettable ingredient.

On your big day, our professional photographer will make sure your special day is your guest’s special day too. Whatever kind of party you’re having, your family, friends or colleagues, will know you’ve taken extra care to make it a memorable event for them too.

Wonderscene portable photographic studio is the new photo booth for capturing memories.


Besides being lauded as the best party thrower ever, you’ll get the gratitude of guests for giving them a great night out. And of course you get to take home a lovely book with all the photos and messages from your guests. They get to take home their photo too.