Inflatable guitars, gargantuan gorillas. What’s not to like?

Big blow up things are never not funny, and with Anything Goes you get a big box of playthings to let your imagination run wild – regardless of what shoe size you are. Crazy glasses, crazier wigs and off-the-scale crazy people doing silly, funny but always memorable things – all captured for eternity with Anything Goes.


Work dos and team building
Birthdays for the young and old
Weddings to remember
Halloween, or New Year’s, Bonfire Night, Easter…

PRICES START FROM £650 (subject to availability)

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please call us on 07800 124091 or email

“The portable studio set-up really helped break the ice with guests of all ages and it quickly got everyone laughing and chatting with each other. When we received the DVD with hundreds of high quality photos soon after the big day, we spent a good half an hour laughing hysterically.”

Asela & Aneesha Dharmadasa, Newly-weds